The Complete Test Pressing Pack – 14 Vinyl Releases!


Your last chance to own them all.

Over 60% discount on list prices!

Only 3 sets left as there are only 3 copies of DMTX 1801 remaining.

(Overseas shipping via UPS at discounted rates – see below)

Only 3 left in stock



Your last chance to own them all. LAST THREE PACKS EVER!!!

(There are only 3 copies left in stock of the DMTX 1801 test pressing, so once these three packs are sold, that vinyl will no longer be available)

Special Deal – 60% Discount

14 Vinyl  Test Pressings with 14 Certificates of Authenticity

Includes  the NEW “Art of Piano” EP and three more unreleased  vinyls.

See label pictures for complete track listings


1 DMU /  Mary House  Double A-Side (unreleased Test Pressing) DMTX 1801 TP (only 3 copies left)

2 NEW!!! Mario Percali  “The Art of Piano EP” DMWX 3234 TP

3 DMU “Shock the Beat” / “Bring the House Down”  (unreleased Test Pressing) DMTX 1802 TP

4 Cinzia Kay “You Can Party”  Special Expanded Edition (unreleased Test Pressing) MH 02X TP

5 Alfredo “Action!” Full Reissue from the Original Masters DMLRX 3201 TP

6 Alfredo “Action!” Original Piano Mix + Boy Raver Remix DM2K 001 TP

7 Analysis  “Climax”  DMWX  3232 TP

8 Analysis “Everybody”  DMWX 3233 TP

9 DMU  “We Gotta Come Together” DMWX 3229 TP

10 Electric Choc “Move Your Body Now”  DMLRX  3211 TP

11 Electric Choc  “Anniversary EP”  DMLRX 3217 TP

12 Mary House “Stay Mine”  DMWX 3230 TP

13 Pianoman “Tribute EP”  DMLRX 3221 TP

14 Pianoman feat Nikki  “Don’t You Wanna Be  Mine”  DMWX  3231 TP

Please Note: Labels are for illustration purposes only.

Alfredo Test Pressings and DMTX 1801 have White Labels

All other  Test Pressings have red labels with no titles


EUROPE £22.99


Other destination on request.

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