June 2021 Digital Remasters


All new June 2021 digital remasters or our 1990s exclusive catalogue!

Also includes digital remasters of our 2018-2020 catalogue and many bonus tracks including unreleased club mixes of Alfredo Action!

Available as MP3, WAV and USB stick.

USB Stick includes instant download.

200+ tunes!

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Brand new digital remasters of most of our 1990s exclusive catalogue from the original masters.

200+ tunes including unreleased extended club mixes of Alfredo Action! and much more.

Every mix from each release:

DMWX 3199 Kristaal ‘No Longer’
DMWX 3200 Ga. Va. Co. ‘Show Me’
DMWX 3201 Alfredo ‘Action!’
DMWX 3203 Eden’s Club ‘Heaven Love the Power’
DMWX 3204 Monika ‘K I S’
DMWX 3205 Piano Club ‘Everytime’
DMWX 3206 Interceptor 17 ‘Jam Jump’
DMWX 3208 Karma ‘Passio Eterna’
DMWX 3209 Cinzia Kay ‘Destiny’
DMWX 3210 Daedalus ‘Alta Est Fabula’
DMWX 3211 Electric Choc ‘Move Your Body Now’ 18
DMWX 3211 Electric Choc ‘Move Your Body Now’ 20
DMWX 3212 Space System ‘Energy’
DMWX 3215 Karma ‘The Heart’
DMWX 3216 K I S ‘Take My Life’
DMWX 3218 Maya ‘Come Into My Heart’
DMWX 3220 Monika ‘My Love Will Wait’
DMXL 701 ASHA ‘UK Remixes’
DMXL 702 Indie UK ‘Apollonia’
DMXL 703 G & VJ ‘I’m Gonna Get the Boy’
DNS 001 No Smoking ‘All My Love’
DNS 002 Overbeat ‘Are You Ready’
DNS 003 Lindy Crawford ‘I Wanna Feel’
DPX 001 Mary House ‘Stay Mine’
HGR 001 DJQ ‘U Know What to Do’
HGR 002 Skin Alliance ‘Give It Some’
HGR 003 Phat Frank ‘Jonna Get Ya!’
HGR 004 Vince & Musky ‘I’m In Love With You’
MH 02 Cinzia Kay ‘You Can Party’
NEV-EP 1 Neverland ‘Eurodance EP 1’
PCX 001 Pianoman ‘Tribute To Asha’
PCX 002 The Piano Project ‘Dreaming’
PHB 001 Nils Booph Indica Grooves ‘The Touch’
DMGX 921 Special Reserve Vol1 V05
DMLRX 3201 Alfredo ‘Action!’
DMLRX 3211 Electric Choc ‘Move Your Body’
DMLRX 3217 Electric Choc ‘Anniversary EP’
DMLRX 3221 Pianoman ‘Tribute EP’
DMTX 1801 DMU + Mary House V05
DMTX 1802 DMU ‘Shock the Beat’ + 1 V05
DMTX 2020 DMU ‘Shame’
DMWX 3229 DMU ‘We Gotta Come Together’
DMWX 3230 Mary House ‘Stay Mine’
DMWX 3231 Pianoman-Nikki ‘Don’t You Wanna’
DMWX 3232 Analysis ‘Climax’
DMWX 3233 Analysis ‘Everybody’
DMWX 3234 Mario Percali ‘The Art of Piano’
DMX2K 001 Alfredo ‘Action!’ Original + Boy Raver V05
MH 02X V01 Cinzia Kay ‘You Can Party’
NEV-LP 10 Neverland ‘Eurodance’ The Album V05
DMLRX 3201J Alfredo ‘Action!’ V01
DMWX 3234J Mario Percali ‘The Art of Piano’ V01
DMWXR 3199
DMWXR 3218
DMU ’33 & 1/3′ Album

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