Alfredo “Action!” – 1994 Piano Mix + Boy Raver Remix – White Label TP


with Signed Certificate of Authenticity


Alfredo “Action!”

1994 Piano Mix + 2018 Boy Raver Remix

White Label Test Pressing

TEST PRESSING of the 2018 Special Reissue, DMX2K 001
with the Original 1994 Piano Mix and the 2018 Boy Raver Remix.
Original mix cut from the original DAT masters used in 1994
with NO remastering and NO tampering.
Heavy Duty Vinyl.
SPECIAL Certificate of Authenticity

A1 Original 1994 Piano Mix

AA1 Boy Raver 2018 Remix

(Titles in the picture are for illustration purposes only:
the test pressing labels will have no titles on them)


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