DMUK 30th Anniversary Anthology -WAV & MP3



30 tracks from the last 30 years at a special price for the first 100 downloads!

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To celebrate Disco Magic UK’s 30th Anniversary we have put together a 30-track anthology that includes some of our best loved tunes at a special low price for the first 100 downloads.

All tracks have been digitally remastered from the original masters for best quality.


01 Alfredo ‘Action’ Piano Club Mix
02 ASHA UK ‘J.J. Tribute’ Rob Tissera vs Dream Frequency
03 Indie ‘Apollonia’
04 Electric Choc ‘Shock the Beat’ DMU Club Mix
05 G & VJ ‘Gonna Get The Boy’ Dancefloor Devastation
06 Kristaal ‘No Longer’ Vintage Mix
07 Ga.Va.Co. ‘Show Me’ Piano House Mix
08 Analysis ‘Climax’ 1992 Mix
09 Mary House ‘Stay Mine’ Piano Mix
10 Neverland ‘Love Is All Around’
11 Piano Project ‘Dreaming’ DJ Sammon Original Mix
12 Stiff Fingers ‘Short Dick Man’ UK Remix
13 Cinzia Kay ‘You Can Party’ Club Mix
14 DMU ‘We Gotta Come Together’ Radio Mix
15 Analysis ‘Everybody’ Original Version
16 Electric Choc ‘I’m in Love With You’ Original 1993 Mix
17 Kyra ‘JJ Tribute’ Original 1994 Mix
18 Cinzia Kay ‘Destiny’ Xtend Mix
19 Daedalus ‘Alta Est ?Fabula’ Piano Mix
20 Space System ‘Energy’ Energetic Mix
21 DMU feat Kyra ‘Easy to Love’ Original Mix
22 Electric Choc ‘Move Your Body Now’ Piano Mix
23 K I S ‘Take My Life’ Piano Mix
24 Lindy Crawford ‘I Wanna Feel The Rhythm’ Original Version
25 Maya ‘Come Into My Heart’ Club Mix
26 Monika ‘KIS’ DJ Friendly Mix
27 Monika ‘My Love Will Wait’ Club Mix
28 Neverland ‘Come Into my Life’
29 Piano Club ‘Everytime’ Xtend Mix
30 DMU ‘Dreamdance’ Full Mix

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