High Density and Renegade Records: the Roots of Disco Magic UK


I opened CLUB STUDIOS in Aldersgate Street in the mid 80s and did quite a few records, licensed to various majors.

In 1991 I started a label releasing House records on white labels that I produced in my studio. They were distributed through Great Asset.

Those were very good times! Distributors would pay cash-in-advance for 500 and even 1,000 copies at a time. The label was called High Density Records and if you look on Discogs you can see that those records were distributed far and wide.


For the MIDEM 1992 Music Business Convention (In Cannes in January) I pressed a compilation album on vinyl of special mixes of High Density releases plus a few new tracks, to try and get licenses overseas. BTW the 4-day pass for MIDEM was £ 400!!!


That album KRONO-LOG 1 was a milestone in the history of Disco Magic UK.

My first meeting, on the last day of the convention was at 8am (yeah!) with Lombardoni.

I dragged myself out of bed just in time, after a night of networking at the Martinez until 5 am and turned up just in time to meet Severo on the Discomagic stand.

Hardly anyone else was around at that time, so we sat down and had a listen and a chat since we hadn’t met for almost 6 months.

Lombardoni said he had been importing some of my High Density records from the UK but they were too expensive on import and he offered me a label deal for Italy where I would give him one release a month and he would put it out on Discomagic Italy under the name of my label.

Unfortunately I could not use the name “High Density” because there was already an Italian label using that name so for the Italian releases we used “Renegade Records”.

I chose that name because I wanted to use the “Four R” logo of my Dad’s company which was also my initials RR.

In all we did four releases on Discomagic Italy and two of them were exclusives that I did not release in the UK.


By June, Lombardoni and I had come to the realisation that we could actually work the other way around…

I could release Discomagic Italy records in the UK to be sold at UK, instead of Import prices…

So we swapped the deal around and I started releasing HIS records…

The KRONO-LOG 1 album and the four releases on RENEGADE RECORDS are important documents in the history of Disco Magic UK….and they are quite good too 🙂

These records are now released for the first time on CD, remastered from the original analogue tapes and they are available on DISCO MAGIC UK DIGITAL with bonus unreleased tracks and extra mixes.